DOW CORNING®7 Compound

Ficha técnica

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      Dimethyl silicone compounds for a variety of lubrication and
      protection applications

      Dow Corning® 7 Release Compound can be used in applications including:
      • Mold release agent for foundry shell and core molds
      • Break-in treatment for bladders on tire presses
      • Rubber lubricant and preservative
      • Release agent for adhesives and glues
      • Airframe lubricant
      • Cable-pulling lubricant to draw rubber-covered cable through conduit
      • Release agent for plastic extruders and processing equipment
      • Release agent for plastic film packaging machines

      • Maintain serviceable consistency from -70 to 400°F (-57 to 204°C)
      • Practically nonvolatile
      • Odorless
      • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals; generally resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, air, dilute acids, alkalines and most aqueous solutions
      • Moisture resistant
      • Electrically insulating
      • Excellent rubber lubrication
      • Excellent release and sealing properties
      • Resistant to oxidation
      • Essentially nontoxic and nonmelting
      • Show little tendency to dry out in service


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